The Lms Land Rover collection

Here at LMS we have a passion for Land Rovers and there preservation we try and save the future classics as these are disappearing daly to the dreaded crusher or to be broken up and sold on as spar parts here are some of the vehicles we've saved to date and some that we have saved and rehomed  with enthusiast like our selves


This was where it all started for us with the saving of this p38 this was an unloved 4.0l manual which we saved from swansea in august 2012 after seeing it advertised on ebay there was a point at which we though we had lost it after being the highest bidder it took nearly two weeks to get an email back from its owner as to when we could collect her id all most giver up hope but persistence does pay off some times.

So what make this one worth saving well the p38 was lunched back in september 1994 this was one of the preproduction prototypes and also formed part of the press fleet which where mostly registered in the sequence  M2--CVC unfortunately have not been able to find any of her press features as we have with some of our other vehicles

M245CVC was a running project at the time however it became quite clear that she had several issue the first being coolant problems which we found to be a head gasket fault this had been left so long that when we found the problem it was because the radiator had blown apart at this point we did a full top end rebuild followed by new radiator,water pump and thermostat.second one being a noise from the front unfortunately turned out to be the front diff which we replaced.after this we finally got to use her on the road. 

M245CVC was sold in may 2015 to another enthusiast who is continuing the work we started to bring her  back to her former glory 


The second Land rover to be saved buy us was this Range Rover Classic 3.5l 3speed automatic another hidden treasure found on ebay. 

This one presented us with a nice little drive to norfolk in the snow in jan 2013 we saved this one because it was originally a factory owned vehicle that was used as press car for the lunch of the 4door in-vogue and to show of there new 3speed automatic gearbox.

this vehicle in storage with us awaiting a full restoration to bring it back to its former glory this is a key vehicle in our collection because of its history